Covid & Flu Vaccine Announcement

We are pleased to be working with the Australian Government to provide COVID-19 vaccines and the 2022 flu vaccines to the communities we serve.

Our practice is an approved provider for the COVID-19 vaccines.

We are currently offering the Pfizer vaccines for adults and teenagers above 12 years old and Pfizer (Paediatric) for children age 5-11. 

If you would like to get your Covid vaccination done with us, you can call to make an appointment.   

Boosters are now recommended after the completion of primary course from: 

  • 4 months as of 4/1/2022
  • 3 months as of 31/1/2022

For children age 5-11, the recommended schedule is 2 Pfizer paediatric  doses, 8 weeks apart. 

We will be giving out 2022 flu vaccines as well. We will update our website when they become available.