About Us

About Crestmead Medical Centre

Why Choose us?

Crestmead Medical Centre offers a wide range of medical services for all ages and all health conditions. We are committed to providing affordable, accessible and quality medical care. The team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and support staff would like to assist you in achieving optimal health.

We are Accredited! What does that mean?

We want to communicate to our patients that their well-being is our priority. By being accredited, our patients know we are committed to providing quality care that meets the RACGP’s standards. Accreditation means that our practice meets strict Standards set by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RACGP), acknowledging our commitment to safe, high quality health care.

What does Accreditation mean to you?

Visiting an Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) accredited practice means you have peace of mind knowing our practice:

  • uses clean and sterile equipment
  • keeps your patient record secure
  • staff complete regular education and training
  • respects your rights and needs as a patient, and
  • provides you with safe ,high quality health care

Nice place to visit

When you visit our practice you’ll notice that it is modern, clean, spacious, air conditioned and tastefully decorated. Our friendly support staff are very welcoming and keen to meet your needs.

Female and Male Doctors

We understand that it is important to find a Doctor that you ‘connect’ with and feel comfortable to freely communicate any health issues you may be having. That’s why we’ve got a diverse range of Doctors, of different ages.